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Before and After Pictures from Greenville
True Air Technologies Improves Underperforming Radon Systems

True Air Technologies Improves Underperforming Radon Systems

Before After
True Air Technologies Improves Underperforming Radon Systems True Air Technologies Improves Underperforming Radon Systems

When Mr. Allen first bought his home he had a radon system installed by another company. To his knowledge the system worked fine and it was lowering the radon in his home. A few years later Mr. Allen decided to sell his home. Upon inspection of the home, he was told that his radon levels were high. This was a surprise, because he thought that his radon system was doing its job. He called the original company to come and inspect the system and after multiple failed attempts to lower the radon he decided to call True Air Technologies. True Air Technologies came out and inspected the radon system. In addition, they performed radon diagnostics on the floor and found an area of the home that was much higher in radon concentration then the rest. Upon examination of the original system, they discovered leaky vent pipes, a suction pit that had not been dug out, and a generic radon mitigation fan. True Air Technologies repaired the suction pit and removed the proper amount of soil, rerouted the vent pipe making sure to glue all of the joints, and installed the propper radon mitigation fan to meet the homes particular needs. In addition, True Air Technologies installed a separate radon mitigation system to provide coverage where the radon concentration was particularly high. After all of these measures, True Air Technologies was able to succefully lower the radon level below 4.0 pCi/L and the Mr. Allen was able to close on his home. 

Reliable Radon Testing & Mitigation Expert in Greenville, SC

 I feel completely safe referring him to my family, friends and clients. He is wonderful at what he does, you...
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It was great experience working with True Air Technologies.
Testimonial by Krishna V. from Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC's radon mitigation & indoor air quality professionals

Does your home have high levels of radon? Since it is a naturally-occurring, odorless, and invisible gas, it is often too hard to tell. That is why True Air Technologies offers radon testing, radon mitigation, and other reliable indoor air quality services. We are committed to creating a healthier and safer home for your family.

See why our attentive customer service, quality solutions, and highly trained staff cannot be beaten anywhere else. Schedule a free radon mitigation cost estimate in Greenville, SC today!

Reliable radon testing

Not only is radon an odorless, invisible gas, but it is also one of the second-leading causes of lung cancer. With levels as high as 4 pCi/L, your family may be exposed to the same amount of radiation as 100 chest x-rays. But there's no reason to worry. While radon is virtually undetectable, True Air Technologies offers reliable testing services where can identify the concentration of the harmful gas, the source of the intrusion, and develop an effective mitigation system to rid it from your home.

Understanding radon levels:

  • 1 pCi/L is equal to 2.5 cigarettes a day
  • 4.0 pCi/L is equal to 100 chest x-rays
  • Hospitals limit patients to 4 x-rays a year

If you want to make sure your home is safe and radon-free, schedule a radon testing estimate with us today. We proudly serve Greenville, SC and areas nearby!

Radon mitigation system installation

If our radon specialists detected high concentrations of radon within your home, then they will install a mitigation system, which was designed to pull the harmful gas from the home and expel it outside.

How a radon mitigation system works:

  • PVC pipe collects radon beneath the home
  • Radon is pushed through the building
  • A radon depressurization vent pushes it outside

Already have a radon mitigation system? Schedule a free inspection to see if it is working as well as it should!

Indoor air quality solutions

Want to create a healthier and safer home? Start with your home's indoor air quality. From dust to radon, there are a lot of contaminants that can disrupt your family's wellbeing.

Our indoor air quality solutions protect your home from:

  • Mold & mildew
  • Pollen, dust, & other allergens
  • Airborne bacteria & viruses
  • Toxic compounds
  • And more!

Schedule a free indoor air quality estimate today and we can assess your Greenville, SC home for any possible health risks.

Schedule a free estimate & improve your home's indoor air quality!

As a certified National Radon Defense contractor, True Air Technologies offers the latest innovations in radon detection and mitigation, keeping your family safe and your home healthy.

Click below to schedule a free estimate on any of our quality indoor air solutions in Greenville, SC!

Job Stories From Greenville, SC
Radon Fan Installation on a Passive Radon System

After determining that he had high radon in his home, Krishna called True Air Technologies to install a radon fan on his passive radon system. Merritt Gantt with True Air Technologies evaulated Krishna's passive radon system, determined the appropriate fan needed for the home, and installed the fan all within an hour. Krishna can now breathe easy knowing that he is protected from high levels of radon. 

Radon Fan Installation on a Passive Radon System - Photo 1
Radon Measurement Greenville, SC

After dealing with another company for months and months Leann D. decided to call True Air Technologies. True Air Technologies came out inspected the existing mitigation system and performed followup radon measurements to confirm the effectiveness of the system. 

Radon and Indoor Air Quality Measurement

Ken Meisten was concerned about his family's health. He contacted True Air Technologies to measure radon and indoor air quality in his home. True Air Technologies came out and deployed a continuous radon monitor as well as measured the indoor air quality. Upon the conclusion of the tests, True Air Technologies devised a plan to improve the indoor air quality in Ken’s home.

Radon Measurement

Terry Palma was concerned about his family’s safety and potentially high radon levels in his home. He called True Air Technologies out to inspect the home and measure for radon. True Air Technologies deployed a continuous radon monitor and found that the levels were quite low. Terry was happy to know that his family is safe, and he can breathe easy!

Work Requests From Greenville, SC
Project Location: Greenville, SC
I have a fan installed already but radon levels are not safe enough.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Radon inspection levels are 4.00%, need to mitigate to get levels below 4.00. Thanks!
Project Location: Greenville, SC
During a home inspection, we got a rating of 6 for Radon and would like to lower the level below 4, even 2 if possible. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!
Project Location: Greenville, SC
I am purchasing an older home and the radon levels on an inspection this week were near 30. I need a quote to mitigate that ASAP so that I can pass the cost off to the seller. I live in Charleston myself so Radon is new to me but I understand no level is safe but ideally it should be 4 or less. I want to make sure the levels can come down before I purchase the home.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Consistently high radon levels after multiple tests and constant testing meter. I work from home in the basement where levels are even higher.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Just got our Radon Results and they are 7.3. Would like a quote on mitigation.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Need radon mitigation estimate
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Project Location: Greenville, SC
I had a radon system put in 7 years ago and wanted to see if it was still working!
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Would like to know if there is a higher amount of radon in the house and remedy.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
I have radon sensor and they are reporting an average of 6.3 pCi in the basement and just over 3 pCi in the first floor. The house was built in the 60s.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Under contract for a new home, received a radon test back with an average of 5.6. Aim to include radon mitigation system into the contract.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
A radon test was done on the home. Results came back high. We need to have mitigation done to be able to sell,.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Would like to check our radon levels
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Interested in getting air quality tested. Radon especially.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
We recently bought a home. The radon levels were between 1.9 and 3.6. Low enough where the seller did not have to fix the radon situation. The home is 1.5 stories, 2245 sq ft. and is a slab foundation. Please let me know how much and when you can do it.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Radon fan mitigation installed by seller of home, about a year ago on of the fans installed started making a extremely high pitched noise. Removed exterior breaker to turn fan off, it has not been on since and we would like to get it up and running again. Attempted multiple time to contact and set up appointment with original installer, but either didn't show up for appointment or didn't return calls.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Want to verify no Radon issues and also test air quality for mold.
Project Location: Greenville, SC
We would like to activate the passive system in our home (which was built in 2018).
Project Location: Greenville, SC
Interested in Radon gas analysis
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